BuzPBX vs. the Competition

BuzPBX gives you more features than any competitor.

MA Bell
Other VOIP’s
Enhanced 911 Service Included yes yes yes
Unlimited Calling in North America yes
FREE Softphone yes
More than 45 Free Features yes


* Click here to see our list of features.

The BuzPBX Advantage

  • Keep your current phone number
  • Use your existing phone
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • In-Network Calls are always free
  • With Softphone, your laptop can receive phone calls.
  • Online Account Management
  • Take voip With You
  • Area Code Selection
  • Save more with great Domestic and International Rates
  • The most Standard Phone Features (read more)
  • The most Features You Can Manage Online (read more)
  • The best Online Account Management (read more)
  • voip’s Full Range of Residential Services (read more)
  • More Residential Plans to best suit your needs and pocket book.

The bottom line: The most exclusive range of service with more options